24/7 BlockLabs provide comprehensive expertise in a wide range of areas to make your capital raise successful. We work hands on with your project and business goals to develop a strong foundation in your technical protocol, marketing and financial strategy. We provide advice, services and content for the successful launch from beginning to exit From basic Idea to blockchain architecture, software development, business development, tokenomics, design, ICO/STO/IEO, DeFi execution and pre-fundraising investments and investor networking.

Technology Feasibility

Blockchain technology can now be used in many business models and variations The blockchain protocols have differences in technology, transaction speed, decentralization and security. 24/7 BlockLabs provide a deep protocol analysis to match your existing business model. Our team can also provide code and smart contract audits to find vulnerabilities, bugs and errors. It is of great importance to be audited by a third party to ensure that code is reviewed to enhance the security of the underlying technology. Contact

Tokenomics & Business Model

Tokenomics consists of two words “Token” and “Economics.” The token or coin is central in a blockchain ecosystem and how it interacts in the community. It may have a utility function, security function and/or a governance function in the community. The value is set after the demand and supply. 24/7 BlockLabs help you analyze the ecosystem around the underlying asset/utility to create the highest market capitalization for your project. Contact

Team Recruitments

The team of a new ICO/IEO/DeFi project is among the most important aspects crypto investors look at before investing..24/7 BlockLabs has a strong expertise and network in recruiting exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. We are uniquely positioned to look at your current team structure and help you recruit new team members or highly sought after advisors to raise your team credentials. Contact

Project building, Social media and Events

Community building, Social Media and Events is essential when launching a new project and to target the right crypto platforms such as Reddit, Quora, Bitcoin Talk, Slack, Telegram, Linkedin and Medium. 24/7 BlockLabs team member’s network channels with influencers exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space will help you get the exposure and engagement you need. Github is another important tool and the 24/7 BlockLabs technology team will get you in touch with developers that can help to promote what you are doing. Other marketing such PR, Crypto rings ,Bounty and Airdrops is also important. 24/7 BlockLabs have selected the best agencies in the US Europe and Asia to work with you. Contact

Investor Network and Presentations

ICO/IEOs/STOs and DeFi projects have attracted and over $300b have been invested in Crypto and blockchain related projects. Venture Capital funds and family investment offices are currently making direct investments into projects. Therefore Investor networks and presentations are very important to make the capital raise successful. 24/7 Blocklabs global investor network and in-house expertise, combine unique execution capability. Contact

Exchange listings

ICO/IEO/STO or DeFi crowdfunding process starts with the project issuing the coin or tokens and then raises capital on the exchange through the platform. . 24/7 BlockLabs have relationships with all the major exchanges including Binance, Huobi, Probit, OKEx and many others. Capital raises successfully completed in the past on the exchanges are between $2m to $200m. Contact

Market Makers

Market makers are among the most important when launching a new project after listing. They help to ensure there's enough liquidity in the markets, meaning there's enough volume of trading so trades can be done seamlessly. Without market makers, there would likely be little liquidity in the crypto markets. In other words, crypto investors who want to sell tokens or coins would be unable to unwind their positions due to a lack of buyers in the market. 24/7 BlockLabs works closely with the best market makers in the industry. Contact

Exit Strategy

An exit strategy or a contingency plan is important for project founders to do especially since the crypto currency market can be extremely volatile. To liquidate large positions in the market may be hard without dumping the coin or token. The best is to develop a sustainable strategy early throughout the life time of the project. 24/7 BlockLabs work with the founders and market makers to provide the best exit strategy possible without decreasing the market capitalization. Contact